Monday, 19 August 2013


I always have a thought."WHO I AM" Many times I feel why I have Come to this world. What is the purpose. Whether I am doing GOOD in my roles as a "Daughter,Wife,Daughter in law,Sister,Grand daughter" and of course AS A MOTHER. Lot of questions ,trying to find out Answer. First I must Know what purpose I have come to this world. Even did many mistakes Have a wonderful life. Must know about the SELF.True Self. How it is possible.Crossing my fingers and Waiting for Answer.............

Friday, 16 August 2013

Relationship and Communication........
After a very long time posting a Post,its because of time,delivery babies etc.Thought to to post so that mind will get cleared from all thoughts. A lot of changes in a year after returning to Pune.Dad not able to move with his own son,What to tell whether it is a communication gap between a 35 yrs and 3 yrs or the lack of communication between FATHER and MOTHER. Children immitate their parents.My boy immitating his DAD.Nice.
A lot of mistakes I have done in my life.GOD ,lovable FAMILY was with me to overome all those.Now in my hands TWO litlle beautiful; adorable gifts in my HAND ONE BOY and ONE GIRL. SO gifted. NOw I am developing time to time patiene to handle both. I am also tryingh at maximum silence with Mr . Lets see

Sometimes I feel why RELATIONSHIP are created in this world. To understand others and mov ewith them acording to their way of living. SOmetimes I feel if I dont have system What I will do .NOthing just sit Meditate. No mobile,fine no messages no talks. No outside world happenings
Nice ........
Praying to GOD to give more strengths to make me stronger in POSITIVE THOUGHTS,more stronger in patience