Sunday, 2 October 2011

Day 1

I am going to post my first blog.. What to post lot of thoughts going in mind.......But thought of starting with my own life.Special Thanks to the person who gave me the Idea..
Many questions going through the mind.First I wll finish a brief history about myself what that goes in my mind.What i have done past 30 years anything useful.When all adviced to study just ignored it but got enlightment after finishing Post Graduation.Those days are memorable one.ant get back those.Starting to school enjoying and playing with friends..In the middle studies also..Evening again play in the ground all old games..Now a days children dont know the games other than  computer and video games..
Will be eagerly waiting for leave to enjoy with Grand parents and to hear story from great grandma even she dont know to hear by writing in her hand will tell the story which I want..
Navarathri is delightful one.With my set of friends finishing our dressing up like important persons going and inviting everybodys house..Now it has replaced with Telephonic invitation.
Oh next is Diwali enjoying loud Cracker noise..Even it is noise..Now government restricted the decibels of sound..Those days will get up early by 3A.M finish  oil bath, dress up and start to burst crackers.Competion will go between neighbours who is doing it first..But now only after 5 in the morning only Diwali celebration starts.
Karthigai..........oh wonderful occasion decoration around house with all lamps..Marghazhi month excellent one where front of the house is decorated with Rangoli.Now in flats they are saying not to sprinkle water also..
Pongal makes watering mouth specially  for Sugarcane....................
Hmmmmmmmmmmm lot lot we are missing lot these days......
I wll ramble like this many more daily..BE Patient to read..

P.S Pls leave comments so that i an improve myself which helps me to learn grammar etc etc.......Whether it is interesting,boring,pls comment

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  1. Looking forward to see the way this blog is going to progress. keep it coming. :)