Tuesday, 4 October 2011

OCT 2..Good day

It was fun having kids around..Went with Anish to a play school He is the only kid in his age group all were  above 3 yrs.I felt so bad beause all didn't respond their aim is to target for the kids above 3 to make them join in their School which is going to be opened soon.But i went through all the rooms ,made him to play with ball.He Catched the toy fish with his hand all other were using the string for catching..Very nice experience.
Everyday he learns something.He is watching me much..If I stand on the stool he is also doing the same.So funny.Toughest and most pleasurable job in the world is Parenting.I had fighted with my mom on many small issues like I am not imporatnt for her this and that..But now I feel for it..For a Mother their children are precious............Sometimes I feel to go to job but when I feel I may miss the small wonder things a hild does I drop my mind.........Let me see What happens in my future.

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